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  ExpandingYour Horizons in Science and Mathematics™

The 27thAnnual Conference for Young Women in
Grades 6, 7 and 8, Their Teachers, Parents and Counselors

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Spring Forest Middle School
14240 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77079

Bridgette Mongeon

Bridgette Mongeon - KEYNOTE 2019. See more info below.
Registration is Open!

Expanding Your Horizons, a day-long conference sponsored by the West Harris County branch of the American Association of University Women, provides career information and role models for middle school girls. Professional women share their enthusiasm, education requirements and remuneration working in scientific, technical and financial careers with more than 400 girls, their parents and teachers.  These creative people don’t lecture the kids but involve them in various ways to create hands-on experiences in every one of the workshops.  The message is that there are both personal and monetary rewards for taking math and science in middle and high school. 

In the 'NEWS'!

Spring Branch ISD's Online News Room

Bridgette Mongeon, will be the keynote speaker for the 27th Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) Conference at Spring Forest Middle School. Registration will open January 7th for young women in grades 6-8. The conference will be held on Saturday, Feb. 23.
Bridgette is a renaissance woman with a variety of passions. Art, technology, podcasting, public speaking, and education are a few things that inspire her. Our 2019 conference keynote is a proponent of STEAM education. She uses it in her own work and as she says, she will “Defend the A and go with STEAM” because she believes, "the interdisciplinary approach of STEM combined with Art helps individuals to create a dialogue, present, explore, and encourage critical thinking. People would be hard pressed to have a science fair where art is not used to express their findings.”   There is an ongoing
collaborative effort between her and teachers to create free STEAM curriculum surrounding her Alice Sculpture. Educational resources are available to teachers and homeschoolers found at the Alice Sculpture website. Some Texas art educators may recognize her as the Keynote speaker for the Texas Art Educators Conference 2017 where she spoke about Wonderland and STEAM. As a sculptor, she breathes life into clay and bronze. Recently she is known for her monumental sculpture of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party called "One Place On"; created for Evelyn's Park in Bellaire. The placement of the sculpture and its ducational value is the what motivated TEA to give Bridgette the TEA award as women of the year for her contributions to the Gulf Coast.
You will also see her work at Universities around the country as she created the Prairie View A& M Panther mascot and the Grambling State tiger mascot in Louisiana. Besides Wonderland, and cats some people know her for her many personal portraits including B. B. King and Willie Nelson. She believes a portrait is more than a likeness; it is capturing the spirit and essence of each person. Similar to what teachers try to do for their students, help them to find their spirit and essence.
Bridgette holds a degree in digital technology and fine art— the first of its
kind. She turned her research into a book, "3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting and Milling."; Bridgette prides in bridging the gap between fine art and technology and delights that the book is used in academics and maker spaces as well as having a place in the collection at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston- Hirsch library, and the art library in the Albright Knox art gallery in Buffalo. The book's publication was influential in her receiving the award of 19 of 30 most influential women in 3D printing.
Bridgette is also the coauthor of the book "Digital Sculpting with Mudbox:Essential Tools and Techniques for Artists,"  and a contributing writer on Mike de la Flor's book, "The Digital Biomedical Illustration Handbook." Presently Bridgette is finishing up a book titled the "Zen of Business and Carving a Creative Life" and second book tentatively titled “A Curious Adventure: The Sculpting of a Bronze Wonderland Using Fine Art and Digital Technology.”  This book is very similar to her 3d Technology book but instead it focuses on the processes, art, and technology of her monumental sculpture
of Alice in Wonderland including the 150 things she hid in the sculpture in honor of the 150th anniversary of the story and the virtual reality of the
scene that she is creating from a 3D scan of the area. She hopes to use that scan to create an online educational game using her sculpture. She has made other 3D scans of the scene so that she can reduce the entire scene for a small limited edition bronze. In Bridgette's studio Alice and her friends get big and small not with elixirs and mushrooms, but with digital technology.  As much as she loves creating art and writing she says that encouraging others through lectures and workshops is an essential part of her life passion. She speaks to professionals and students on a variety of topics. Middle-grade youth and young women have always held a place in her heart. “I had a profound experience when I was just 13. Though it was sparked by tragedy, it really influenced the rest of my life. Life is about challenges.I hope to talk to the girls a bit about overcoming obstacles and the joy of challenges as well as STEAM,” states Bridgette.  The presentation promises to be a "curious" adventure. 

The daylong conference is sponsored by the West Harris County branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), which plays a key role in providing career information and role models for middle school girls. During its annual conference, professional women associated with AAUW share their enthusiasm, career information, educational requirements and salary levels for scientific, technical and financial careers with hundreds of girls, parents and teachers.“These creative people don’t lecture kids, but involve them in various ways to create hands-on experiences in every one of the conference workshops. The message to our middle school girls is that there are both personal and monetary rewards for taking math and science in middle and high school,” reports AAUW’s KarenJean North.

Expanding Your Horizons wins Mayor’s 2008 Volunteer of the Year Award! 

In recognition of EYH’s impact on the community, the Expanding Your Horizons steering committee – and all the volunteers, teachers and contributors who make EYH possible – were honored at the Volunteer Houston banquet on May 6, 2008.

Student Comments:

  • “I will remember this. I want to learn more.
  • I never thought that I would feel this energy rushing through me as I built the bridge.
  • I liked it a lot because it was hands on.
  • Very, very interesting – I have always wanted to learn about these things.
  • I loved doing the experiments. I had so much fun learning how it really works in labs.
  • It got me really interested in being this when I grow up.
  • It showed me many things I didn’t know and inspired me to think about my future.
  • Cool! Awesome! Amazing! Fun! Exciting! I loved it! I will be back!

Sponsor Support:

“Never has it been more important to promote STEM-related education and careers, and your organization has been a true leader in the local effort.  We appreciate the great work of AAUW each year in planning and carrying out an event that makes a real difference for the career aspirations of young women.  CenterPoint Energy is delighted to play a small part in supporting this important work."

Lucretia Ahrens

CenterPoint Energy
Manager, Corporate Community Relations

EYH is a volunteer effort.  Only required school personnel are paid for services. Volunteers include:

  • Professional women representing career fields that use math and science in their daily activities donate their time to present workshops for the girls and their parents and teachers. 
  • Facilitators from AAUW aid the presenters in the classroom.
  • Steering Committee members, working throughout the year, plan and execute the conference.
  • Many additional AAUW workers assist with registration, crowd control and distribution of meals on the day of the conference.
  • High School Students assist in getting the presenters’ workshop materials into and out of the classrooms as well as assisting where needed.

Thank You

Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics™
EYH is designed to nurture young women's interest in mathematics, science, and technology careers and to expand their career vision in these areas.

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