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  Parents FAQ

When does registration start?

Registration will open in November, 2016. Your daughter's school will likely have paper copies of the registration and brochure. Please check with her teacher. Online registration will also be available when the brochure is posted. Please check back later in November.

Do I have to attend the conference with my daughter?

No, parents do not have to attend the conference. However, if you decide to sign up for some of the parent sessions we offer, please fill out your own registration form and include $6 for yourself. (For example, 1 parent + 1 daughter = 2 registration forms and $12.)

May dads attend the conference?

Yes, we welcome moms and dads.

Do you offer child care for younger children?

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to offer child care.

May I attend the student sessions?

No, we do not allow adults (other than the presenter and her volunteer assistant) in the student sessions. In the past, we have found that even the most well-meaning adults quickly steer the student workshops into an adult-to-adult conversation, leaving the girls little time for direct interaction with the presenter.

May my middle school son attend the conference?

No. Although we recognize that there is a great need for a program like EYH to introduce boys to careers in math, science, and technology, our program is designed specifically for girls.

What’s the deadline to register?

Registration closes when enrollment reaches 450 students. Deadline for registering is when the conference reaches capacity. Please visit the Registration web page to see if we’re full.

Do you have a waiting list?

We do not have a waiting list. Instead, we overbook by a small percentage to allow for last-minute cancellations.

After I mail my registration form(s), how do I know I’m registered?

If we have your correct emai address, you should receive an email confirming your registration. If you don’t receive an email by February 15, parents or teachers may contact us at eyhhouston@gmail.com . Please include the registered person’s name, school, and if possible, email address. This will help identify her in our records.

Will my money be returned if my daughter can’t come after I’ve sent in my money?

If we offer your daughter a seat (that another student could have taken), our policy is not to return your money. The same is true for groups.

How are students assigned to sessions?

Students tell us their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice categories, and then our computer makes every effort to randomly assign each student to 4 sessions within her 1st and 2nd choice categories, first come, first served. The student who mails in her registration form the first week of December is much more likely to get her 1st and 2nd choice categories than the student who mails in her registration form just before registration closes.

What’s the difference between a category and a session?

A category is general area of interest. A session is a particular workshop within a category. If your daughter chooses the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (Health Care) category, she might get “Make Good Smiles Great,” which is a session on pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.

Can my daughter sign up for a particular session?

No. Students choose categories, not sessions.

What if my daughter doesn’t get the exact session she was hoping for?

There is no way to guarantee that a particular student will get a particular session. Our goal is to introduce your daughter to math, science and technology careers that she might not have considered before. Each year, we have to turn away hundreds of girls who apply after we’ve reached capacity. If not getting a particular session would make your daughter wish she had stayed home or done something else, we ask that she give up her seat to someone who would enjoy the conference no matter which session she gets.

What if my daughter does not like one of her sessions?

Overall, the girls tell us they really enjoy the conference. However, if your daughter doesn’t like one of her sessions, perhaps we have saved her from spending time and money pursuing a field that she wouldn’t have enjoyed anyway.

When will my daughter find out what sessions she has been assigned to?

In short, when she walks in the door of each session. When your daughter arrives at the conference, she will receive a name badge with the room numbers of her four sessions. When she goes to her first session, there will be a sign outside the door announcing her first session’s title and presenter(s). Ditto her second, third, and fourth sessions.

What about lunch?

Everyone who attends receives lunch at no extra cost. However, if you or your daughter has special dietary needs, please bring a sack lunch.

What happens if my daughter gets sick or hurt during the conference?

We have volunteers throughout the school who will take your daughter to the school’s nurse’s clinic. If necessary, we will also contact you at the emergency phone number(s) you gave us on your daughter’s registration form. It’s also likely that one of your daughter’s teachers will be at the conference and can sit with her if needed.

Will my daughter be photographed at the conference?

Your daughter may be photographed or videotaped for promotional purposes (see Photos for examples from previous years). If you object to having your daughter’s picture taken, we respect your decision, but we ask that you not register her for the conference. Here’s why: Throughout the day, volunteers and escorted media representatives are roaming the halls, taking pictures. With so many girls in attendance, it’s impossible for us to prevent one particular girl from having her picture taken.

Who will be in the room with my daughter? What will they talk about?

Student sessions take place in a classroom with the presenter, her volunteer assistant, and about 20 other 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls. For the most part, the girls will be busy doing a hands-on activity. For example, in a Math Makes Money session, the girls might figure out how much money they’ll need to earn as adults to cover typical monthly expenses. In a Medical Science in Action session, the girls might get to learn about, or even dissect, a human brain. The presenter will also spend a little time talking about what a typical day at her job is like, what typical salaries for her profession are, and which math and science classes your daughter would need to take to go into that field.

Will my daughter get to stay with her friends the whole time?

Your daughter can sit with her friends at lunch and during all auditorium activities. Because the computer randomly assigns each girl to four different sessions, your daughter may not be in the same sessions as the friends she came with. The girls have told us that they like this because they get to meet other girls who share their interests.

Why don’t you offer this wonderful program more often?!

There are, in fact, other Expanding Your Horizons conferences throughout Texas and North America. Just visit the Expanding Your Horizons Network [www.expandingyourhorizons.org] for a complete list of locations. Here at “West Harris County Branch AAUW Expanding Your Horizons,” we have no paid staff. We are simply a group of dedicated volunteers who spend literally months each year planning an exciting, inspirational day for Houston’s middle school girls. If you would like to organize your own EYH conference, we encourage you to contact the Expanding Your Horizons Network or an EYH planning committee near you to find out how to get started.

For More Information, Contact Us:

If this web site did not answer your questions, please contact our busy volunteers as follows:

Questions about registration: Contact eyhhouston@gmail.com. Please include the registered person’s name, school, and if possible, mailing address. This will help identify her in our records.

General questions about the conference: Contact eyhhouston@gmail.com.

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